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Pre Rep Tortoise Botanical Calci Dust – 450G


Your tortoise may already be fasting in preparation for the winter sleep. Whatever is in store, nutrition is still a top priority, especially upon waking in the Spring!


ProRep’s Tortoise Botanical Calci Dust is specially formulated with magnesium, bee pollen, and 12 botanical herbs and flowers. Suitable for tortoises and other herbivorous reptiles, this dust is designed to be more palatable with high bioavailability. Use this powder on fruit, vegetable and plant-based food immediately before feeding as a health supplement.

Magnesium is included to aid proper absorption of calcium – essential for the bone health of reptiles. By stimulating the parathyroid gland, calcium is absorbed more readily and distributed correctly to the bones and nervous system. The proportions of magnesium and calcium have been carefully measured to prevent biochemical imbalances.

Bee pollen has been added for its powerful antioxidant properties, which can aid liver health and strengthens the immune system, in turn reducing inflammation. Pollen is commonly found on the flowers in the natural diet of grazing herbivores such as tortoises, containing many beneficial micronutrients.

Botanicals have been included for their micronutrient content as well, on top of adding to the overall palatability of the powder. This helps to make it more likely that the animal being fed will take to their food easier and ingest sufficient supplementation.


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