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MicroClimate AHS Unit 500W


MicroClimate AHS Unit 500W is a self contained heating system comprising ceramic heater, pulse proportional thermostat and a safety thermal trip.

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MicroClimate AHS Unit 500W is a self contained heating system comprising ceramic heaterpulse proportional thermostat and a safety thermal trip.

Thermal Trip
The mechanical thermal trip senses the temperature of the metal enclosure. If the metalwork exceeds approximately 70 degrees Celsius then the trip will cut the power to the ceramic heater irrespective of what the thermostat is indicating. This is a safety device to ensure that the metal work remains at a temperature that does not cause harm to your reptile. If the thermal trip does operate a metallic click can be heard. The safety trip is automatic and when the metalwork has cooled the trip will again allow power to the heater.
Correct Temperature Reading
The temperature sensor encased in the black sheath is very accurate. Having set the desired temperature on the AHS and positioned the sensor in its required location the temperature of the air will be controlled accurately at the position of the temperature sensor.

The temperature nearer the heater (from the sensor position) will be hotter and further away from the heater it will be cooler.

Please note that when using a thermometer to check the temperature that unless it is in exactly the same position as the thermostat sensor there will be a discrepancy due to the positioning of the thermometer.

The AHS contains no user serviceable parts and the ceramic heater should only be replaced by Microclimate.

Microclimate products are designed and built to exacting standards. Each and every unit is tested to ensure many years of trouble free operation is achieved.

All Microclimate products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Microclimate AHS benefit with a 1 year parts and labour warranty. Please keep your proof of purchase safe, as this will be required for all warranty claims.

MicroClimate AHS Unit 500W Dimensions:

31 x 12 x 6 cm

A voltage adaptor will be required for this product when shipped to countries such as USA.
This item cannot be sent to Germany due to customs.


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